Investment Strategy

We invest in a highly professional and sophisticated way in the special situations, that is in all those opportunities offered by a state of crisis in which the return of the investment is made up of the ability to correctly interpret and manage the specific complexities of the case in point.

Our field of action is that of crisis situations, where we intervene with the aim of determining high intrinsic value assets, which find themselves in a complex situation and of freeing up their value. We, therefore carry out acquisitions of non-liquid assets and corporate restructuring, with a view to high returns on the invested capital. The transactions come from the careful combination of a specific activity of systematic study and research and the continual flow of carefully selected opportunities coming from the vast amount of consolidated relations.

We adopt an “Equity Approach” to our investments.

The strategic objective is determining and acquiring assets at competitive prices that have a high intrinsic value, which does not have to be generated but only to be freed, as it is “trapped” within a complex situation. The complexity of the situation in which an asset is integrated is not a source of illiquidity in itself – and this is where the “contrarian” approach of Europa Investimenti comes into play – but rather a “hindrance” to completing a transaction; as a consequence, once the obstacle is removed (for example if the bankruptcy is resolved by adopting composition), the asset is ready to be retained or sold.

Our operations are defined according to three specific investment strategies, with a single common origination process
Arbitrage OpportunitiesTrading OpportunitiesSpecial Opportunities